Rent a car for a trip to Crimea from Moscow


Аренда авто в Крым

Crimea is one of the most amazing and authentic places where you can relax as much as possible from the city bustle, restore your strength and connect as much as possible with nature. From the latest news it became known that part of the Crimean bridge, which goes through the Kerch Strait, will be introduced as early as May 2018, namely, the passage will be open for cars and buses. This means that the most convenient way to get to the Crimea will be by car. The company Kartake offers the most optimal solution – rent a car for a trip to Crimea without any restrictions on mileage. Namely, the Hyundai Grand Starx minivan is ideal for comfort and capacity (8 people plus a driver). Please note that it is NOT necessary to open a separate category in the driver’s license.

A look is exactly on the “wild” Crimea, which is radically different from the Crimea resort. Want an uninhabited beach? Want to the top of the mountain? Do you want to meet the sunrise alone with nature? Then you can not do without a car.

Rent a minibus for a trip to Crimea from Moscow – this is the best idea from ever invented by mankind. If you have long been thinking about going on a trip as a friendly company or your favorite family – the Hyundai Grand Starex minivan is an excellent solution. The atmosphere is inexpressible. We recommend everyone at least once in a lifetime rent a minibus and ride through the vast expanses. It’s worth it!

When to go?
June – the beginning of summer – it’s a wonderful time to enjoy all the delights of this paradise. First, it is still a low tourist season and tourists in early June are very few, compared to July and August. Secondly, it is already hot, there is no rain. Thirdly, local markets literally burst from the variety of summer vegetables, herbs and fruits, strawberries and sweet cherries!

A convincing request is to book a car rental in advance for the summer, while there is still a possibility to “play” with dates and choose a car you like. Plus it is convenient to split the payment for the lease into 2 parts: prepayment and payment already on the first day of the lease.

Hurry, the number of cars is limited!

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