How to rent a car and do not regret



The market for long-term and short-term car rental in Moscow is now actively developing. The maintenance of personal transport in 2017 has considerably risen in price. The rates of MTPL and CASCO have risen to an extra-terrestrial level, fuel prices, maintenance and spare parts have increased noticeably. All these factors played in favor of car rental. More and more people understand that it is more profitable to use car hire services than to maintain their own transport. In addition, there is nothing complicated in this.

Our company, which has already passed “fire and water” in this business, is actively looking for new and promising directions for implementation in its work. It’s about short-term car rent. Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of this system, known as “karshering.”

You will not go far
As a rule, the authorized zone for movement on “karsheringovyh” cars: Moscow and Moscow region. Therefore, this type of rental is suitable for those who need a car for an hour, go to a meeting in the center or to purchase products in the supermarket. Those customers who are going to travel outside the Moscow Ring Road, it is still more convenient to choose a long-term lease. At the moment in the company Cartake the minimum rental period of cars is 1 day or 24 hours.

Traffic jams and rush hour
About the current situation with the repair of roads and sidewalks in Moscow, which caused even greater congestion, we will not tell. We just want to note the moment that it is expensive to stand in a traffic jam on a car from the “karchering”, proceeding from the fact that the rental price for such cars is per minute: from 8 to 10 rubles per minute.

Scratches and damage
In the company Cartake before giving the car, the manager and the client carefully examine it from the outside and inside for scratches, chips, dents and so on. Then everything is fixed in the act of receiving-transfer, one copy of which remains with the client with the signature of our manager.

If you decide to use the “karsheringa” service, keep in mind the fact that you need to inform the company’s support service about any damages that you will find on the car. If you forget to do it in a hurry, the claims for these damages can be sent to you. Money is simply written off the card, and most likely, you will not be able to do anything, because you sign an electronic acceptance certificate.

We always advise our clients to call traffic police and arrange an accident as usual. Let the auto-inspector himself determine the culprit of the accident, since the europrotocol can always be challenged. If you are not guilty of an accident, there is nothing to worry about, we will deal with the insurance company ourselves. If your fault, the damage will have to be compensated. The company Cartake is very loyal to its customers, and each case is considered individually, installments are possible, and so on. Be careful on the roads.

Car rental services are beneficial for those who consider money well and spend a little time at the wheel. Note that if the client addresses us repeatedly, the transfer of the car occurs very quickly. Approximately so, “call – the choice of a car by the presence in the park – the discussion of the tariff – the inspection of the car – the signature of the necessary documents” and you are already on the scheduled business.

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