Rent a car with a buy-out

Getting a loan for a car has always been fraught with a number of difficulties. As a rule, banks prefer customers with a good credit history and high financial performance. Where to find a way out of this situation for those who want to buy a car without pain for their budget. Our organization rushes to your aid and offers to use the service – rent a car with the right to buy. You take the car you need to rent, and after a certain period, it is already in your possession. We find time for an individual approach to each client, we pay maximum attention, we study needs and financial possibilities, as a result, we offer optimal conditions for renting a car with a buy-out and a convenient debt repayment schedule.
IT’S COMFORTABLE. You just need to choose a car and enter into a lease with a subsequent right of redemption.
IT’S SIMPLE. You do not need to collect an impressive package of documents for the loan.
IT’S PROFITABLE. You use your car, but our company is responsible for all costs associated with it.

1. We do not care about the income of the client, we do not require information about income.
2. To approve our security service, you need to provide a passport and driver’s license.
3. You will not be considered a credit history. We do not overstate rates to stay competitive. You can send an application for renting a car with a purchase to our mail or by calling us or by ordering a call. We will promptly send you all the calculations. Join now!


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