Penalty for traffic police for winter tires


штраф ГИБДД за зимнюю резину

In the wake of a general wheel change, we remind drivers that if your car has studded tires, there will be a fine of 500 rubles for the absence of the “Sh” sticker.
The sticker “Ш” warns that the tires are studded. Holders of the so-called “Velcro” glue do not need anything
Introduced a fine in April 2017. Paragraph 7.15 of the SDA rules equates the absence of the “Sh” mark with studded rubber to technical malfunctions, in which the use of the car is prohibited
And, the most unpleasant, not even a fine of 500 rubles (with a discount of 250 rubles), but the fact that in addition to the fine can refuse to undergo technical inspection and, moreover, if there is an accident in which you are NOT to blame, but you Spikes and no stickers “Sh” – recognize mutual guilt!
The mark must be pasted in the upper left corner, the size of the sign is 20 * 20. You can buy in any print kiosk or even print it yourself
So we save nerves and money, we glue the cherished “Sh”!

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