On the eve of the holiday season, which means a high demand for car rental in Moscow, we offer to your attention several options for car routes, as ideas for holidays or weekends. Just imagine how cool it will be to leave dusty Moscow and go to meet adventures!

Option “Moscow – St. Petersburg”

Where can I go on weekends or holidays? Well, of course in the cultural capital of our homeland – the city on the Neva – St. Petersburg. Fabulous and beautiful. The most economical way to get to St. Petersburg is by car, leased in our company, of course. All of your costs for the road are the cost of gasoline, which is approximately 1500 – 2000 rubles (depending on the choice of the car model) in one direction.

If you leave early in the morning, then after lunch you will enjoy the beauties of this amazing city. Which car to choose?

For example, car rental Kartak offers rental cars of economy class, so Hendai Solaris hire will cost you 1500 rubles per day, depending on the rental period of the car. A no less popular rental of Kia Rio from 1400 rubles per day. The fuel consumption of these cars is quite economical, the view is modern and attractive, the road will fly by unnoticed.

If you are planning to rent a business class car, in this case we suggest to consider the following options. Renting a Mercedes, with this car you can safely go to the most distant travel, the road will not seem tedious. In this car, everything is designed for the driver and passengers, a comfortable cabin and a soft suspension, everything has to go on a long trip. The price for Mercedes rental will also depend on the fare chosen by you. We offer to consider the rental of Nissan Tiana, also a business class car, in which everything is designed for convenience. Smart interior ergonomics, climate control with microfilter, cruise control, on-board computer and navigation. You can also see the prices for renting Nissan Tiana on the Tariffs page.

Have chosen the car, have concluded the contract and in a way!


Cultural program of leisure:

City-museum Pushkin. Among the amazing suburban parks of St. Petersburg, the city of Pushkin stands out. You will not be left indifferent by the Catherine Palace and the park in Tsarskoe Selo, where you can safely stroll, enjoying the architectural ensemble and silence. Interiors of the Catherine Palace will be amazed by the magnificence of various collections of paintings, sculptures, watercolors and graphics. The museum by right is world famous, so at the weekend you can watch the queue at the entrance.

Nevsky Prospect is the main street of St. Petersburg, which is cut by three rivers: the Moika, the Fontanka and the Griboedov Canal. As it is pleasant to ride in a car with a breeze on Nevsky in the evening, when the street comes alive with night lights, shop windows glitter and you will see the city with very different eyes, with all its might and scope. Unforgettable bridges, inexpressible sensations.

For the most real romantics are now very popular, especially in the spring-summer months, tours of the roofs. You will see from a bird’s eye view all the sights of Peter.


Where to have dinner in the middle of the night

Where to hang out – Attic with a view of Isakievsky Cathedral, more subekemocratic – DJ bar Mishka

Where to eat peacefully – Cafe Happiness, a network of cafe-pirogovi Stolle

Renting a car is an extremely profitable and convenient option for a weekend, when there is little time and you want to have an inexpensive rest. A trip to St. Petersburg by car will leave an indelible impression, you will be able to see a lot, as you will not depend on public transport. You manage the time yourself the way you want.


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