Economy class

Renault Logan

You choose a car for rent. And you meet with a dilemma: “automatic” or “mechanic”. Having weighed, all “for” and “against”, choose the dynamics of traffic and moderate fuel consumption. Our offer in such cases is the rental of the Renault Logan in 2014 in a new body. The design of the new Renault Logan is the destruction of old stereotypes, how much it became more visible, expressed more strongly, more attractively. Renault Logan just went to a different level of quality.

Rent Renault Logan – the embodiment of modern design. It became truly European. Quality finishes in the dashboard and generally the entire cabin at the highest level. In the salon there is room. Do not be surprised, but in the back seat three quite large men can comfortably be accommodated, and all because the interior space does not have any complicated bends. Everything is as simple as possible – which means it’s convenient! Renting a Renault Logan, you get a car in a completely new body with a quality cabin, but the old price. Only 1600 rubles per day. For this money at your disposal is a car with a 1.6 liter engine capacity of 82 hp.

CHECKED: Renault Logan at a temperature below 0 degrees warms up quickly, and the speed of heating the front seats when the function “heating” is high. Well thought-out ergonomics, easy clutch pedal, which is very convenient, while standing in a traffic jam, and effective brakes. According to official Renault dealers, Renault has plans to intentionally reduce sales of Logan cars, as they are so popular among the population that the rest of the models have negligible sales figures. Warm, comfortable, cheap and good, what else do you want? We offer a Renault Logan rental with an expanded bundle that includes many advantages.

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